work is me.

iamspinning: Damien Rice: 9
iamreading: The Secrets of a Fire King: Kim Edwards
iamfeeling: Irritated. I blame work and those nachos.

Friday is a half day where I work.
so I am doing my laundry and decided to create a blog.

I work for a summer conference for high school and junior high students. We’re called Summer in the Son and based in Kentucky. We are a religious conference…so I deal entirely with Christian music artists. I’m the production manager and basically rule the auditorium where the music happens. I am kind of wishy washy about it now…I used to love it, now I’m just doing my job.That’s encouraging isn’t it? Show me a person who loves their job? anyone? My dad…he’s a producer, up at the top of the stage heirarchy. My mother is a stage manager–and a good one at that. I guess I took the best of both..production manager.

This has been a week from hell at work. I started off the week on Sunday with the knowledge my grandfather had died and there were things that had to be done before the production manager (me) took a bow and went quietly to be with her family for a few short hours on Tuesday to bury her grandfather. Monday I got in a fight with the lighting director–mind you the first full day of the conference. Oh, I am smart!
Tuesday I went to the funeral. That was hard. I hate them. I went back for the main session…missed the concert, it was rap.
Wednesday I stayed at work all day and didn’t fight with anyone. The director pretty much leaves me alone which is good so I can get my work done.
I can’t remember Wednesday at all.
Thursday I didn’t do much. No load ins on Thursday.

Today…we worked.
The director of this conference–the one who originally hired me decided to leave us for CIY (the Christ in Youth confernce) which is a bigger version of us. It’s absolute candy for all christian audio technicians. Well, today was his last day so he took all of his workers to lunch.
lunch makes me useless afterward. I should really stop doing that.

The new director is a pretty cool guy.
I can definitely work for him.

My father has just returned from a week on the road with delusions of owning his own sound and lighting company. We’ll see about that.

I long in my dreams for the state of texas, an odd fact. I have just returned from Texas. I really love Texas…and I will probably move there after I graduate from college. I scanned the newspapers in Houston (fourth largest city in the US) for production jobs and there were so many. We’ll see.

Right now I’ve had a long week and just want to go to bed.
that’s all.
it’s been nice to meet you blog. We might just have something here.


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