Monthly Archives: July 2007

what the hockeysticks.

I am spinning: Jonny Lang: Turn Around
I am reading: Well, I finished it. the 7th Harry Potter book.
I am feeling: tired.

I can’t sleep anymore.
I used to be able to sleep straight through a day but now I can’t do it. I went to bed at 2 last night and woke up at 8. That’s gay.
I should stop using that word.
I should stop swearing.

I’m going to get in class and my professor is going to say something and I’m going to say “f*** you b****!”

I’ve discovered I hate things that make me feel like a child.
As far as work goes…because work is me. I got approval from all the professional people I worked with…but the people I actually work for, the people who run the conference think I’m caustic, loud, annoying, and ruthless.
I prefer infamous.

I console myself saying the people I work for know nothing about production.
or maybe i am caustic, loud, annoying and ruthless but those are the qualities of a production manager…I guess.

why do I keep doubting myself. I am sure I know what I’m doing…argh. I can’t think about it anymore.
I have a long break from production and I’m glad for it.

I’m going to go find something to do. I should probably be in church right now but I’m not.
I blame the church for half of this problem.


so close.

i am spinning: Nick Drake…never heard of him until a couple days ago.
i am reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…I have to catch up
i am feeling: well.

I am so close to being done with the summer.
by the summer I mean my summer production.

after this it’s back to being a normal college kid…
as if.

I’ll miss the summer, I’ll miss my staff, the kids, the parties after hours (we’re going to the huddle house tonight), the bands, feeling important (no one ever seems to ask me questions I can answer in my classes), the production end of it…I dearly love it. I love being a production manager but it’s not my career.

ah mercy…
I’m kind of ready for it to end. I’m working in a cafe as just part time help starting next week…I’m excited about that. It’s just a few hours a week but it’s extra money, money that may end up as my gas money when all is said and done.
I would really like to sleep for a while but I’ve ended up a workaholic.
how did that happen? I used to be the laziest person I knew…haha!

I’m going to pay attention to the band that’s on. I love this blog…I really do.

I also love my work friends…let me tell you their names: Jessica, Jake, Jill, Sami, Dale, Sean, Mary,
I miss my best friend. her name is Kayla. I think God is punishing us for our past sins and I’ve spent maybe 6 hours with her this summer.
I also…sort of miss dating someone. However, not enough to worry myself.


wondering why I do this.

I almost walked off my job last night.


The guest band stole from my workbox, insulted my staff, and were jerks to everyone at the conference. I couldn’t take it.
then they start soundchecking and it was at least 130db in the room. The conference directors fought the police all night.

I just couldn’t take it.
I walked out of the auditorium, out front and sat down.

I said. “why do I do this?”
and I couldn’t come up with an answer.

Today I said it was better than working at Mcdonald’s. That was all I could come up with.

It was kind of sad. This is a christian conference…this is a conference that changes people’s lives….and now there’s nothing.
two members of my staff took me to Wendy’s and bought me a tea so I’d chill out.
I did.
I got my stuff back.

I lived.
I’m going to go find a quiet place and sleep for a while.


mark my words..

I will never work for the NACC again.

more details to follow when I’m not sitting at their convention using their internet.
I bought another chinchilla.
not a coat, an animal. I travel a lot. The one that I have is deprived. What is wrong with me?

So back to Kentucky tomorrow.
Hired to work at a Tool show Saturday.
Conference starts back on Sunday.

My dad used to say something all the time when I was younger and he still traveled. When we didn’t have money or time to eat or a hotel to sleep in he’d say “such is the life of the audio professional.”
remind me not to get disgusted about working every day this week.
remind me not to get pissed at the guys in the main hall working for $350.00 a day.

I’m staying in the Hyatt in Kansas City.
I really can’t complain about this trip at all.

Catch me next week when I’m bored at my conference.