so close.

i am spinning: Nick Drake…never heard of him until a couple days ago.
i am reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…I have to catch up
i am feeling: well.

I am so close to being done with the summer.
by the summer I mean my summer production.

after this it’s back to being a normal college kid…
as if.

I’ll miss the summer, I’ll miss my staff, the kids, the parties after hours (we’re going to the huddle house tonight), the bands, feeling important (no one ever seems to ask me questions I can answer in my classes), the production end of it…I dearly love it. I love being a production manager but it’s not my career.

ah mercy…
I’m kind of ready for it to end. I’m working in a cafe as just part time help starting next week…I’m excited about that. It’s just a few hours a week but it’s extra money, money that may end up as my gas money when all is said and done.
I would really like to sleep for a while but I’ve ended up a workaholic.
how did that happen? I used to be the laziest person I knew…haha!

I’m going to pay attention to the band that’s on. I love this blog…I really do.

I also love my work friends…let me tell you their names: Jessica, Jake, Jill, Sami, Dale, Sean, Mary,
I miss my best friend. her name is Kayla. I think God is punishing us for our past sins and I’ve spent maybe 6 hours with her this summer.
I also…sort of miss dating someone. However, not enough to worry myself.



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