Picking Up…

iamspinning: The soundtrack to P.S. I Love You–my sister brought it to me.
iamreading: The Belgariad: Book 3: The Magician’s Gambit (David Eddings)
iamfeeling: decent.

I started this blog in June because I was bored and looking for some way to get my feelings out of me so they didn’t explode on other people.

I feel like I aged a whole lot this summer.
That’s not a bad thing.
I made enough money to pay my bills and scoot on back to college where I feel like I belong. I also learned several things along the way…like to leave work at work. That’s a big one.

I feel the need to write again, not to keep my feelings from exploding on other people this time; but to keep them from imploding on me.

Hey, A band I worked with is on this soundtrack I’m listening to. How excellent. That makes me feel slightly significant.

This does too…a desk. I feel pathetic, but at the same time I’m happy I have a desk to sit at while I’m doing whatever it is I do, which anymore is mostly homework which intends to further my pre law school education.

My dad and I were discussing the other day the complexity of our lives. That’s a whole philosophical discussion I will leave out of this little entry…except to say that life is indeed complex and it seems to be throwing a million things at us at once. My mom has cancer, and from what I read it’s not good. People are being nice to us, maybe because of this. My friend Greg says that I should just let it go, they’ll go to hell anyway.

I’ve been running a lot lately. My boyfriend is less than enthusiastic about my fitness goals. I think he thinks once I get rid of my “college weight” I’ll probably dump him for a better offer.
He might be right.
That was blunt. I shouldn’t have said that.
We don’t have a lot in common the two of us, sometimes I wonder how it works…or even if it does work. Maybe we’re too stubborn to admit it doesn’t.
Maybe I’m too young to think of these things.
My friend (who is my age) is getting married.
That’s something to think about.

I promise to update more frequently. The only one who gets gratification out if it is me, and that’s fine.


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