I’m sitting here trying to finish all of my homework for the week.
Its a nasty habit I have.
I don’t have anything to do on Monday evening so I sit for a while and do my homework. I’ve done this since I was a kid, but college gives you syllabi that let you know what’s going on for the rest of the semester. Its heaven.

I’m stuck on one assignment. I fault myself for not listening well in class considering he only explained it once so I should have listened. I always listen. I’m a better student than that.

And then adding to that I worked Friday at the Keith Albee Theater (Who the F is Keith Albee anyway?) and that erased everything that didn’t have anything to do with stage from my mind for a while.

So here it is Monday evening. I have this class at 8:00 on Tuesday morning (that’s tomorrow) and I’m stuck.

I’m supposed to be using a book to discover what my spiritual gifts are and then writing a paper about what the analysis of this book taught me about myself. Oh yes, I do attend a Christian college and I believe their goal is to make me feel bad about myself by pointing out just how not spiritual I am.

Its inordinately frustrating.
I don’t care about my spiritual gifts.
I don’t intend to use them really…I’m not going in to ministry of any kind.

Oh, the book says everyone has a ministry. I guess the book never lies.
I shudder to think what mine is.

I’m counting down the days till the end of the school year, but don’t tell anyone.
I get to do my great summer job again this year.
I do get to go to Minnesota and visit my grandparents.
I get to be in a wedding.
I know, right?

Argh. That’s the feeling right now.


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