My dad is a professor.
The other day I happened by his office and the girl who works for him (grades papers, answers the phone, gets him lunch…) asked me an interesting question. She said “Do you do everything Paul tells you to do?”
Dad and I have sort of a satirical relationship. People think I don’t like him and that he thinks I’m a thorn in his side. In reality, we get along really well…

I said to her: “My parents have never demanded that I do anything or absolutely forbid me from doing anything so when they ask me to do something I do whatever I can to get it done.” I mean, I don’t live with them anymore but I know people who are in their 20s and their parents still keep them from doing things…

I thought about this for a long time and told my mother that she and dad were the best parents in the world.
she said no.
I said b**ch, take a compliment.

Is it May yet?


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