I didn’t think things through.

But what were you expecting honestly? I seem to have limited ability to do any sort of thinking.

Three shows this week, not normal. I had a good time nonetheless.

For a year I begged my mother to take me to the show she’s stage manager for. It’s a local thing, but people come to it and like it so she has a pretty good deck to run. They average about 14 acts per show and a headliner that does a small set. She’s stage manager so she’s in charge of running people out on stage and making sure everything is wired up the way it’s supposed to be. I had worked for dad for a few shows prior to going with her. I was eighteen and didn’t have much of a grasp on stage reality. I hadn’t worked my summer program yet and was kind of getting training at the feet of the master (if she read this she’d get a kick out of it)

I went in to work with her that morning and we started running lines. She ran me ragged until about 11 and then people started to show up for their sound checks. After that we got a break and I went back with mom to talk to the Union stewards. Mom said “this is my daughter, she’s going to be a stage manager, and a damn good one.”

I floated for the rest of the day on that compliment. My mother isn’t free with compliments. She was never the type to tell you something was good if it wasn’t and for her to say I was going to be good at the job she did so well made me feel great.

That interestingly enough, is how I got to work for the union in the first place. My mom and dad got me the job and I’m not ashamed. They may have gotten it but I kept it…and my boyfriend is going to break up with me for working too much.

I’ve had worse.

I have a four day weekend this week! No classes Thursday and Friday! I think that’s cause for celebration.



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