Me vs. Cactus

One of my co-workers bought me a cactus for Christmas.

I think she hates me.

I don’t really know why she bought me a cactus. I don’t know if its a normal Christmas gift or if it was a joke but I’m stuck with a small yet incredibly prickly cactus.

My first thought on dealing with this cactus was to just neglect it to death…I had the same idea about a Betta fish that one of the girls in my section left when she didn’t come back this semester. The fish ended up going to my parents house with my sister who loves it.

I left the cactus on my window sill. I couldn’t just throw it away (what if she came in??) It has been since December and the dang thing is still alive!

Earlier today I was sitting at my desk doing some homework and I glanced over at the cactus. The bottom…I don’t know what they are? needles? Oh yeah, they’re needles…were all brown and I started to feel sorry for the cactus. I ran in to the bathroom and got some water and put the cactus in the water. I breathed a sigh of relief as the soil in the little pot the cactus came in sucked in the life-sustaining water and then I realized…I wanted to neglect this thing to death but I did the opposite.

So here I am, stuck with a cactus.
I feel kind of pathetic. I can’t even kill a cactus.


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