Monthly Archives: March 2008

This is what I’ve done today…

I woke up thinking it wouldn’t be a very productive day today.
I went to class–The History of Modern Germany!

After class I went to lunch, then had a meeting with my adviser Dr. Wineland.
Dr. Wineland says if I work my arse off I can graduate next year, a full year early!

After this meeting I did room checks.
After room checks I took a shower!

I then ordered a floral arrangement for my mother who has her LAST BAD CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENT TODAY!

She shouldn’t have too many problems with the ones after this, they’re not quite as nasty.

I need to fix my hair, go pick up the flower arrangement, and then I was invited to a banquet tonight…
I think I’ll go.

What a productive day! and its not even 2:00 yet!


I will not talk about work in this blog entry…I will not talk about work in this blog entry…


There, I said it.

Today I woke up and went to the bank.
I’m going to dinner at the truck stop with my buddies Miranda and Amber…and maybe Miranda’s husband too. Maybe my sister will join us.

That’s about all I’ve done today. I really need to run or do something productive.
My spring break is over Sunday and I have not accomplished one blasted thing other than working.
Oh, and I cleaned out my car.

Oh well.

I didn’t run today.

But my car is so clean!!!

This was my list of things to do for Spring Break:

I forgot to add running to that list, I guess it was a spur of the moment decision to run every day.
Where has my willpower gone?

So I’m working tomorrow and wednesday and my dad is going with me.
my dad is a producer, he doesn’t need to be doing random stagehand work like I do.
He says he’s doing it for extra money since gas is so expensive and my mom can’t do the stagehand work she used to do. I’m kind of filling in for my mom until she can get back.

They have me in wardrobe tomorrow because the union I’m transferring to has a wardrobe division.
My business agent is a smart smart man. He’s so intelligent even I can’t see the end of his plans, not like I’m super genius or anything…
March means three months until SITS.
How the time does fly.

facebook statuses.

That is supposed to be statuses as in “status-ees” as in…I guess its a pun.
The english language is convoluted.

Do people ever think about what they’re writing online? Are we really so naive as to presume no one on the internet is reading the things we put up on our facebooks and myspaces and even these blogs.

Its really a rhetorical question. I know nobody pays attention to what they write because they don’t think anyone will read it or it will never come back to haunt them.


I get so sick of reading people’s blogs when they trash other people and write things they’d never say to their faces. When I was in the 9th grade my friends and I all had Xanga and if anything set us off during the day we’d run home and write about it on our pages oblivious to the fact that everyone who stumbled across it could read everything we wrote. We grew out of it, but there are people who are my age and older who seem to have never abandoned the want to spill everything online to the blinking cursor in the white box.

There’s nothing I can do about it, people will say whatever they want to say. The only thing I can do is sit here and be irritated about it, knowing my irritation masks my irritation at something more profound and much more worthy of irritation.

I really have no idea. I just read something that made me think so I wrote about it.

Spring Break! Finally!

I know…

After this basketball tournament that I volunteered to work because I thought I’d have nothing better to do is over…I’ll get to start my spring break. The tournament will be over tomorrow at 10.

I’m working on Tuesday and Wednesday. Awesome.
The rest of the break will be devoted to cleaning and writing papers.
I can deal with that.

The girls didn’t kill each other, if you’re interested.

I have to be at school early in the morning so I’m going to go try to sleep.

Oh Monday.

I am pretty sure three of the girls in my section are about ready to kill each other. If I didn’t love every one of them completely I’d be less worried.

We’re all ready for Spring Break, just the hurdles that we have to jump to get there seem immense.

I have to work every day this week on top of my school work. This is going to be an interesting week.

…and if I have to clean up a crime scene it’ll make things even more interesting.

Snow in March.

Its the first week of March, but apparently someone neglected to mention that to Kentucky.

There’s about three inches of snow outside my parents house where I am camping for the weekend. My mom had a chemo treatment and my dad was supposed to go out of town with his traveling choir but the church canceled and my sister didn’t go to work today so there are four of us under one roof.

This snowy day has effectively grounded me from anything I planned to do. I had just planned to go buy some pants (in a smaller size! hooray!) and hang out with my sister a little bit, but I found that today would be a good day to do some snowy day things like writing papers and running, not outside mind you, but on the treadmill. After that my sister and I who are both long past childhood want to go sledding and then watch a movie with some french vanilla coffee.

This week I’m working on Wednesday and I turned down a job on Thursday. The women’s national basketball tournament is at my school and I signed up to work though I don’t know why. Its a paying job, and I guess when they contacted me I didn’t have a clue how much money I would be making this year in show work. Next week its Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a great life I have, that I can work this much.

I need to get my hair cut and shop for some spring clothes. If only the weather would cooperate.

The funny thing is, it was 70 degrees Monday and we loaded trucks in our t-shirts and jeans. Too bad that didn’t stick around.

I’m going to go get started on my snowy day activities, too bad I waited this long to get started…stupid Ice Road Truckers marathon. ha.