I didn’t run today.

But my car is so clean!!!

This was my list of things to do for Spring Break:

I forgot to add running to that list, I guess it was a spur of the moment decision to run every day.
Where has my willpower gone?

So I’m working tomorrow and wednesday and my dad is going with me.
my dad is a producer, he doesn’t need to be doing random stagehand work like I do.
He says he’s doing it for extra money since gas is so expensive and my mom can’t do the stagehand work she used to do. I’m kind of filling in for my mom until she can get back.

They have me in wardrobe tomorrow because the union I’m transferring to has a wardrobe division.
My business agent is a smart smart man. He’s so intelligent even I can’t see the end of his plans, not like I’m super genius or anything…
March means three months until SITS.
How the time does fly.


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