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This has not been a good day.

I have no willpower. I’ve been eating everything in sight because it has just been a horrible day. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning at all. I’m not normally like that. I usually get up without whining but today…ugh.

The bridal shower was great, but I ate waaaaay too much there too…chocolate fountain, pineapples, strawberries, brownies…chips. Too much…and it made me sick. Today wasn’t much better. I was doing okay but…ended up eating everything in sight.

Tomorrow will be better.

I just had an awful day.

and I’m worrying too much about things I can’t change which doesn’t do me a whole lot of good.
and I have a SITS cookout tomorrow…it’ll be 50 degrees. Great!

I’m also tired.
and House is on.

I cannot eat everything in sight tomorrow. I’m on a diet. I have to stick to it.
I’m writing it here so I’ll feel guilty about it and not be a screwup tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be better. It has to be better.
I have twelve days until the school year is over.

Ugh…sometimes I feel like I can’t do anything right.



I love being independent, and living alone was one of the best things that ever happened to me…but every once in a while I like to come to my parents house and type on my computer here while the dog sleeps on the floor next to me. I have a drink next to me and I’m looking forward to the week ahead with a quiet relaxation. I might even go to bed early because I don’t have to worry about girls knocking on my door and telling me the couch is missing.

The couch from our dorm lobby is gone. I don’t know where it is. Why do people keep asking me?

I have two more assignments due, three tests that the professors are giving early, and two finals. Then this semester, and school year are finished for me.

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t excited.
One more show too for this school year…on the 30th at the Keith Albee.

Comfort is underrated. I’m ready for tomorrow, for church, relaxation on the back deck for the afternoon, and then a fun night at the bridal shower.

Monday is going to be easy too, I’m ready for it. I’m ready for it to warm up and slow down.

I’ve got a rock n’ roll heart.

So I decided this morning sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 AM that I do like Wilco.
what of it?

I know, you’re all like a thousand times more indie than me and listen to bands that don’t exist yet…

All of my friends now, with the exception of my friends pre-college, a fantastic professor named Dr. Stepp, and a few enlightened souls, listen to Christian music.

I just can’t get in to it. Maybe because I was raised on bluegrass, country and rock and Christian music all sounds the same to me regrettably. I also know my fair share of Christian artists who are nice people, but if I liked their music I’d treat them like rock stars and go all fangirly on them.

There is one Christian artist I find fantastic. David Crowder, and his David Crowder band routinely kick my butt musically. They are all extremely talented musicians and make great music. I have met David Crowder, he rolled through SITS last year and I was so embarrassed at the way I acted. When he walked on stage I stopped and looked at him. I was like “HE’S HERE!” I didn’t yell it of course, that’s not professional but I had trouble standing on the same stage with a man whose books I have read and whose music I so appreciate because it reminds me of good non-christian music. That’s an awful thing to say.

Oh well, he’s coming back this year and I’m excited to be a part of the program again. We had a meeting last night and I found out it will be pretty easy for me this year…Sweet.

I’m also taking three summer classes so any easiness I can come up with is great.

And I have two shows next week.
Tuesday and Wednesday.

Well, I have schoolwork that I’ve neglected.

School is almost over…and Reflections on driving a fuel efficient car.

Wow! The semester is almost over! There are 27 days until Graduation (which means nothing to me except that I graduate next year…) There are about 17 or so days of class left. Hooray.

The New Season of Deadliest Catch premieres Tuesday at 9. That show is the most unhealthy addiction I’ve ever cultivated.

One of my BFFs is getting married in July and her bridal shower is at the end of the month. Hooray. Her bridal shower is the 27th…I think its strange that one of us is getting married. I don’t really have anything else on that subject.

So my parents bought a Honda Civic. Its used, and funny story it was taken away from my dad’s boss’s son for being an impudent child and going 102 miles an hour with four people in the car with him. Ah well, his loss is our gain. I was visiting Mom and Dad this weekend….well, Mom (Dad was on the road) and I got to drive the thing. I took it through the drive thru at Starbucks and I laughed for the rest of the day about how the people at Starbucks seem to respect me more now that I drive a Honda.

Its not true…or is it?
Seriously, the thing is sweet.
I want one.

Well, I want one when I can afford it.

This week is busy! But they will be until school is over. I have accepted this.

This summer is murder. Three summer classes on top of SITS and a vacation with the family, possibly the last one I’ll take since I decided to be difficult and graduate next year.

I just want it to be over…
but not too quickly.


I seem to do my best thinking on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
This is a statement I can’t really provide evidence or examples of.

So…the show went well. No one told me I sucked at life.
That’s always nice.

My sister is joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. does it seem like half the country is on Weight Watchers? My sister probably weighs about 220 lbs, but she’s 5’10” compared to my scant 5’3″ and a half…5’4″ with shoes on… My mother won’t stop talking about my sister’s weight to me and its irritating. I love my mother, but also love my sister and don’t want to hear about the size of her rear end.

Mary (sister) got a 30 day membership for two at Curves and asked me if I’d go with her. I said yes, because thirty days at Curves is pretty sweet. I went last night with her thinking, oh this’ll be nothing. I’m used to hard workouts I can handle this. It kicked my butt!!! I felt like I worked a two day show! I can feel it today all over…so much for an easy workout…We’re going back tomorrow and I can’t wait to get my butt kicked by fitness machines again. I may try to talk her in to going on Saturday too before she goes in to work…that’d be sweet to go four times.

So I have a forum post (not a big deal) and two papers due this week so I should probably stop blogging and hop to it.

Three things.

Maybe more than that. I could just adjust the title but that’s not how I roll.

I am having a really strange week. I kind of don’t want to be around people at this moment in my life but I feel like I need to hang out with people or talk to people so they don’t think I hate them, because people do that. Maybe I just do it.

I would really like to take a nap this afternoon. I’m trying to find something else to do other than nap because I worry about getting things done. I have an eight page paper due Tuesday and have I started on it? No! At least its on Athens, something I care a smidge about. I’m also working on Saturday, which is going to be nice but will make me incapacitated on Sunday.

Oops, this entry is going to quickly turn in to four things. The guy I’m dating…I’d call him my boyfriend but I hate to think of him as thus…was offered a church a little ways away from here. He doesn’t have a good car so it’ll be difficult for him to get back and forth but he really wants to be the preacher of this church. I attend another church that I like and don’t really want to switch for him. I probably won’t…so all his friends and some of mine are telling him I’m a jerk and he should split with me. Great. I just can’t bring myself to have any sort of emotion.

A person I suppose I had a falling out with has kept me on her friends list on an online vehicle that we both use. Today I read about how she wants people to depend on her existence. Is that narcissistic? She is with a man I used to be with and I realized quickly he’s treating her the same way he treated me…she’s beginning to feel challenged by the other loves he has: music, his family, and anything but her in his life. This is a challenging position to be put in, especially when you know other things are being added just to cause insecurity and hurt.

Good riddance to him.
I would wish her good luck but it conflicts with my desire for him to go to hell.


I could make this five things but its a rainy day and I’m reading an excellent book.