Three things.

Maybe more than that. I could just adjust the title but that’s not how I roll.

I am having a really strange week. I kind of don’t want to be around people at this moment in my life but I feel like I need to hang out with people or talk to people so they don’t think I hate them, because people do that. Maybe I just do it.

I would really like to take a nap this afternoon. I’m trying to find something else to do other than nap because I worry about getting things done. I have an eight page paper due Tuesday and have I started on it? No! At least its on Athens, something I care a smidge about. I’m also working on Saturday, which is going to be nice but will make me incapacitated on Sunday.

Oops, this entry is going to quickly turn in to four things. The guy I’m dating…I’d call him my boyfriend but I hate to think of him as thus…was offered a church a little ways away from here. He doesn’t have a good car so it’ll be difficult for him to get back and forth but he really wants to be the preacher of this church. I attend another church that I like and don’t really want to switch for him. I probably won’t…so all his friends and some of mine are telling him I’m a jerk and he should split with me. Great. I just can’t bring myself to have any sort of emotion.

A person I suppose I had a falling out with has kept me on her friends list on an online vehicle that we both use. Today I read about how she wants people to depend on her existence. Is that narcissistic? She is with a man I used to be with and I realized quickly he’s treating her the same way he treated me…she’s beginning to feel challenged by the other loves he has: music, his family, and anything but her in his life. This is a challenging position to be put in, especially when you know other things are being added just to cause insecurity and hurt.

Good riddance to him.
I would wish her good luck but it conflicts with my desire for him to go to hell.


I could make this five things but its a rainy day and I’m reading an excellent book.


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