I seem to do my best thinking on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
This is a statement I can’t really provide evidence or examples of.

So…the show went well. No one told me I sucked at life.
That’s always nice.

My sister is joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. does it seem like half the country is on Weight Watchers? My sister probably weighs about 220 lbs, but she’s 5’10” compared to my scant 5’3″ and a half…5’4″ with shoes on… My mother won’t stop talking about my sister’s weight to me and its irritating. I love my mother, but also love my sister and don’t want to hear about the size of her rear end.

Mary (sister) got a 30 day membership for two at Curves and asked me if I’d go with her. I said yes, because thirty days at Curves is pretty sweet. I went last night with her thinking, oh this’ll be nothing. I’m used to hard workouts I can handle this. It kicked my butt!!! I felt like I worked a two day show! I can feel it today all over…so much for an easy workout…We’re going back tomorrow and I can’t wait to get my butt kicked by fitness machines again. I may try to talk her in to going on Saturday too before she goes in to work…that’d be sweet to go four times.

So I have a forum post (not a big deal) and two papers due this week so I should probably stop blogging and hop to it.


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