School is almost over…and Reflections on driving a fuel efficient car.

Wow! The semester is almost over! There are 27 days until Graduation (which means nothing to me except that I graduate next year…) There are about 17 or so days of class left. Hooray.

The New Season of Deadliest Catch premieres Tuesday at 9. That show is the most unhealthy addiction I’ve ever cultivated.

One of my BFFs is getting married in July and her bridal shower is at the end of the month. Hooray. Her bridal shower is the 27th…I think its strange that one of us is getting married. I don’t really have anything else on that subject.

So my parents bought a Honda Civic. Its used, and funny story it was taken away from my dad’s boss’s son for being an impudent child and going 102 miles an hour with four people in the car with him. Ah well, his loss is our gain. I was visiting Mom and Dad this weekend….well, Mom (Dad was on the road) and I got to drive the thing. I took it through the drive thru at Starbucks and I laughed for the rest of the day about how the people at Starbucks seem to respect me more now that I drive a Honda.

Its not true…or is it?
Seriously, the thing is sweet.
I want one.

Well, I want one when I can afford it.

This week is busy! But they will be until school is over. I have accepted this.

This summer is murder. Three summer classes on top of SITS and a vacation with the family, possibly the last one I’ll take since I decided to be difficult and graduate next year.

I just want it to be over…
but not too quickly.


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