I’ve got a rock n’ roll heart.

So I decided this morning sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 AM that I do like Wilco.
what of it?

I know, you’re all like a thousand times more indie than me and listen to bands that don’t exist yet…

All of my friends now, with the exception of my friends pre-college, a fantastic professor named Dr. Stepp, and a few enlightened souls, listen to Christian music.

I just can’t get in to it. Maybe because I was raised on bluegrass, country and rock and Christian music all sounds the same to me regrettably. I also know my fair share of Christian artists who are nice people, but if I liked their music I’d treat them like rock stars and go all fangirly on them.

There is one Christian artist I find fantastic. David Crowder, and his David Crowder band routinely kick my butt musically. They are all extremely talented musicians and make great music. I have met David Crowder, he rolled through SITS last year and I was so embarrassed at the way I acted. When he walked on stage I stopped and looked at him. I was like “HE’S HERE!” I didn’t yell it of course, that’s not professional but I had trouble standing on the same stage with a man whose books I have read and whose music I so appreciate because it reminds me of good non-christian music. That’s an awful thing to say.

Oh well, he’s coming back this year and I’m excited to be a part of the program again. We had a meeting last night and I found out it will be pretty easy for me this year…Sweet.

I’m also taking three summer classes so any easiness I can come up with is great.

And I have two shows next week.
Tuesday and Wednesday.

Well, I have schoolwork that I’ve neglected.


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