Travels throughout Central Kentucky…and why I am an idiot.

I shouldn’t be writing about this, and I shouldn’t be thinking about it either. I should be in bed getting ready for my call tomorrow, but I know if I try to sleep I won’t be able to and even the strongest dose of fiction set in the 18th century won’t lull me in to a nice happy relaxed state.

I should be happy. I worked a great show today. I learned how to do two new things (They let me pull rails and run the light board)…but I can’t be.

The first part of the title is Travels throughout Central Kentucky…I went to Lexington Thursday with my class (Restoration Movement) and we took a nice tour of some historic places. Yeah.

I was supposed to be at a show Thursday.
No one told me.
They swear they told me multiple times and maybe they did…this supposed telling me was all before finals, checking 14 girls out of their rooms, cleaning up after those 14 girls, setting up a mother daughter banquet, getting my sister off to prom, and working for my parents for free for two days.
Maybe they did.

So I feel like an idiot.
and I who have never in my life quit anything…quit the stagehands union.

I’ll regret it, I know.
I need to find something else to do with my life.

and I’m going to quit the summer program too as soon as I can grow the balls to do it.

The two things that used to make me the happiest I’m leaving.
I guess I need to find something else to make me happy.


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