Monthly Archives: June 2008

I’m ready…

I’m getting ready to go in for my first day of work.

There’s no dread this morning, no worries…just a calm anticipation of work to come that will be exciting.

No, it will be exciting.

I went in to hang the grid last night and got half of it up because there were children playing basketball. Do they not understand that what I was doing took 100% of my concentration?
Of course not. They’re children and they were playing ball.

This is how its playing out right now:

-We set up this week, I work on Saturday (what a stupid idea on my part)
-Next week has 400 children, that’s like 500 less than normal. Oh well.
-Week two has a thousand fifteen billion children, thats like seven more than normal.
-Vacation week I go to Atlanta…not for the conference I said I wouldn’t work again–for the conference I actually like.
…that’s as far as I can think right now.

Actually, how its playing out right now is I put my shoes on and go to work.
Oh boy.
I’m going to work!

And today is June 10th and one of my favorite bands (My Morning Jacket) is coming out with a NEW ALBUM!!! Evil Urges! I’m going to go get that tonight.
I feel a good day/week coming on.


Ooooohhhh Boy!!!

It all starts tomorrow!!!

Oh, I’m so excited!

Well, it starts tomorrow for me, not for everyone else.

I have new hair too. I got it on Wednesday while I was still in the midst of whining about having a horrible week. I have smatterings of blond all over the normal brown so I’m pretty pleased about it.

Its too short to ponytail right now so I have to think of new and inventive ways to wear it.

Let’s get ready to set up a summer festival!!!
(I’m going to go run and then practice my cheerleader bounce)

Today was much better.

This morning I woke up, bought a utility belt (Its so hot) and proceeded to do interesting yet not quite so interesting for everyone else things for the rest of the day.

It was a good day.

I start work on Monday. I’m going in to set up the communication grid.
Oh boy.

Saturday I’m working for the union, I’m giving them my day off.
Not quite so nice of me, they’re paying me.

Today I listened to Elton John and vacuumed the house.
It was a good day.

I feel like crap…

I really do, and there’s no other word to really accurately describe how I feel.


I’ve been reading happy fluffy fiction, listening to happy fluffy summer songs, and eating fruit (that helps usually) but nothing makes me feel good.

For some reason I can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong and there’s nothing I can do to prevent or change it.

Summer program starts Monday. I go to put the grid (communication lines) up and free up the lift and ceiling for a rigger.
which I pray to God is not a union rigger.

I just can’t get the dark cloud to go away.