"I don’t need, further back and forth the wave will break on me today…"

Its been an exciting few weeks.

Since the wrap of the summer program I have…done quite a few things.

I traveled deep in to Kentucky for my friends wedding and that turned out quite well. I had a lot of fun and they’re married so everyone went home happy.

The next day at 4:30 in the morning we took of for Minnesota. My grandparents live in Two Harbors, Minnesota up on the North Shore and I’m of the opinion that it is one of the greatest places in the world. We ended up spending a week there which was absolutely fantastic. Nothing takes the edge off like a week in Minnesota.

We got back on Monday and on Wednesday night I took off for West Virginia to assist a promotions company in a video shoot. I learned a lot, had a good time, and even got paid. What more could I ask for? I got back last night and can look back on it and say it was pretty awesome.

So I’m starting my senior year of college week after next…and the feeling I have right now is a feeling of possibility (really, like my Southern Style Chicken Sandwich isn’t settling well) I’m not tied down right now and I just feel like I can do a lot and I should do a lot…so I will.


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