So the man and I were walking around campus last night.
I’ll try to keep the man’s name to myself…I don’t really know why other than I don’t like to publicize my life on the internet.

So we were walking…yeah, established that.
and then we sat down…
and had conversation.
and he said “Do you realize we could have been dating for two months already?”
and I, since I can’t control my facial expression most of the time, got one of those huffy looks on my face and didn’t say anything.
there’s a reason we didn’t start dating until we did.

Heck if I know it.

He does everything that men are supposed to do, he’s nice, he’s charming, we have a good time together…He doesn’t say stupid things, he’s nice to my friends, I’m nice to his friends…its just so…
I’m scared that this one might actually work.
which its grossly premature to be thinking about such things.

I got a road job…this summer. I’ll be gone from May to August.
in August I’m moving to Texas
These next few months have the potential to be phenomenal.


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