I have two options…

I have two options of what I can do this summer:

I can go to rock festivals with my sister and my best friend and travel around the country and enjoy my last summer as a free woman before law school and life take over. I can go to Turkey with my History professor (for free) and spend ten days learning about the Turkish culture. My sister can go too (for free) and it’ll be a fabulous summer.

Or I can go on the road for 14 weeks with a touring company that’s been asking for me for two years. I will make upwards of four thousand dollars (which will really help in my future life) and I can get the road bug out of my system before I go and mess up my life by trying to go on a two year tour when I should be…being in law school or something.

I know its September and I shouldn’t be thinking about the future so quickly…but its coming up quickly. My life is rushing toward me and I don’t know which path to take.

The man asked me to marry him. I know its premature and its quick and its everything I’ve said I’d never do.
but I want to.
I want to marry him and move to Texas with him in September. I’ve never wanted to marry anyone before…

Every time I try to formulate a plan for my life it comes back to bite me. I think I’m just going to roll with it.

and next Monday when I go see My Morning Jacket (a fabulous band!) I’m going to ask my sister and my best friend what they want to do this summer.


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