I’ve made four decisions recently…

1. I am the worst history major ever. I play Tetris on my computer during History class instead of diligently doing work and participating in discussion. I don’t know when this happened, but it did…and I’m a little irritated this happened. I do my homework for history classes, I am actually halfway interested in the reading and do the reading, and when a question about history comes on jeopardy I answer it.

I am, however, the most dedicated and interested stagehand ever. Funny how that works out.

2. I am not going to law school next year. Instead I am taking a year off to do work, pref. stagehand work…though I could be persuaded to do some other kind of work. My focus just isn’t there this year…and I don’t think I can magically resurrect it in time to get a 180 on the LSAT and get in to law school.

3. If all goes well I am getting married in August. This has nothing to do with number 2. Nor will it ever. He was willing to support me through law school and he is still willing. It was my decision, because I can make those.

4. I hate college right now and everything (and mostly everyone) associated with it.

Hooray for decision making.


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