Thanksgiving Week.

I’ve been weepy all day.

I got a text first thing this morning from one of my best friends who just told me she lost her baby after being pregnant for ten weeks. She said “miscarriage is a funny word, you are missing a baby carriage.” I teared up a little for her and her husband, without any way of knowing the pain theyr’e in. I may never be in that situation…but I feel so bad for them right now.

God does strange (sometimes horrible to our human perception) things to show us His plan for our lives. We have to remind ourselves, which I do daily, that God is in control all the time.

The show I’m working this week is driving me crazy. I can’t do anything to please the director and I’m working two shows in Ohio this week on top of that…so I really just can’t get it right. I don’t really care. I’m doing this show for free and I know that’s a horrible way to look at it, but if I can do some shows for pay in the middle of it everything will work out.

I applied for a big kid job. I hope I get it.

My friend’s brother is dying of cancer. My heart hurts for his entire family. They’re such people of faith and that’s really helping them through this horrible time in their lives.

The Man is in Michigan. I miss him. He told his parents we were getting married and they took it well. Mine won’t. I’m glad his did. I’ve never dated a man whose parents liked me. There’s just something about me that makes mothers not want me dating their sons. I asked him if he told his parents he was dating a dirty stagehand and he said yes, and they didn’t mind. That’s nice I guess. I might impress them with my skills instead of my cooking and housekeeping and general femininity (which is a joke). That’s stress I don’t need right now.

I’m going to blowdry my hair and go to work. That will make me happy.


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