Why can’t things be easy anymore?

I never have enough time to do my work. I can’t just sit down and make time and say “I’m not moving until I get this done…” I had to work a show all last week that took up every free moment of my time. I slept four hours a night because it was the last week of classes at the same time.

I then find out on Monday after tearing the show down Sunday that I was failing a class and I need to get an assignment in as quick as possible.

I finish the assignment and walk in late to another class where they’re talking about test prep and I missed the first part of the lecture. Probably failed the final because of this.

I had four finals in one day.

I had an eye exam on Wednesday where they undercharged me for my glasses and then made me go back and pay again which screwed up my checking account balance which is yet another thing I have no control of anymore.

There are two shows this week and I’m trying to make it through both of them while administrating my personal life at the same time.
not working so well.

The man is leaving and he’ll be gone for a month.
that doesn’t make me happy.

I have to buy books for an online class and have no money to do that.
…because the eye dr. screwed up my balance.

Oh, Christmas is in two weeks and I have no money to buy Christmas presents.

I just wish things were easy again.


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