"We’ll be right here forever, go through this thing together…

…and on heaven’s golden shore we’ll lay our heads.”

Ten things I hate about myself right now:
-I am a people-pleaser..and this is pissing me off.
-I have a gained A TON of weight. Pretty much all the weight I lost on weight watchers that made me sexy and attractive to the man in the first place. the man says he doesn’t mind…good man.
-I ripped my pants. This is not a re
sult of being fat…I ripped the leg.
-I’m at my parents’ house for a month…and already want to punch my sister.
-My Christmas gifts for everyone were pitiful.
-Currently I am procrastinating my online J-Term class…something I promised myself I wouldn’t do.
-I’m wearing furry boots. Seriously. I also wore them in public today.
-I’ve been going to bed too late and sleeping too late.
-I don’t want to hang out with KCU people over break…or go to church.

Redeeming Aspects of these things:
-Maybe I’m just trying to please the wrong people?
-I can lose the weight again…I just need to focus.
-I can buy other pants.
-Suck it Mary.
-Everyone has
sucked at Christmas shopping this year…not just me.
-I’m going to do this assignment right now…as soon as I get done typing this blog.
-My feet are warm.
-I will not stay up and watch Venture Brothers tonight. It is not a show for a twenty-one year old female who wants people to take her seriously.
-I seem to b
e avoiding people…but I’m tearing through the Bible like its my job. Wow.
-…some of its good???


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  1. adorable photo.

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