The next two weeks.

I’m sort of ashamed and embarassed (and all negative words you can think of) about the way I’ve been for the past two weeks.

Basically it all started when my mother and sister (who can sometimes be an jerk) ganged up on me about my future plans.
I am taking a year off between college and law school.
and horror of horrors, I’m getting married.
However, I’m probably not getting married this year, it’ll probably be next year, May 15th (5-15 to you Who fans)…or I guess September 5th (9-05 works just as well)…I don’t know if that was a result of this discussion but its just boiled down to this.

For the next two weeks I resolve to be productive, not that I can make up for the lack of productivity that has dogged me and comprised the past two weeks, but I can try. I’ve already washed two loads of clothes, changed my sheets, cleaned my room, and cleared off my desk so I can focus. Later I will fix dinner for the family and walk a mile as has been my habit for the past three days.

I think that’s good enough for today.

Tomorrow is haircut, driver’s license renewal, and wedding rehearsal at church. Not mine…that would be ridiculous. I think tomorrow will be as productive if not more productive than today.

I can only endeavor to make the next two weeks better than the past two.
And I think I can make it happen.


One response to “The next two weeks.

  1. Annnnnd Friday you are seeing The Pope.

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