I love you because you listen to me.

Oh yes, I am that narcissistic.

When you can only talk in sporadic bursts once or maybe twice a day (like when driving back and forth from people’s houses…God bless you Jose, even though I don’t know you yet for living so far away from the Fields household that I can at least get ten good minutes of conversation in on a drive to your house…) Listening is definitely underrated.

Because some things cannot be communicated through text messages.

Thank you, the man, for listening to me.
You listened to me all day yesterday when I told you every five minutes I was queasy and sick (McDonalds!!! We used to be friends!!!) you texted with me back and forth in the parking lot of Olive Garden when I decided it would be a good thing to eat Italian food despite my queasiness and that didn’t quite work out for me…(but I have leftovers today mmmm…)
I’m just thankful that we talk.
and you listen to me.
and I listen to you.
Will I tell you this to your face…
probably not.


One response to “I love you because you listen to me.

  1. i love you, and i miss you so much. The only part of living in the dorms that I miss was that we got to hang out. I knew you wanted to marry Yeti, but I had no clue you were actually setting a date. If I can help in ANY way, please let me know!!!!!!! As you could tell I’m sure, the majority of my wedding was DIY and I think we did a pretty damn good job. I’m crafty, I’ll do anything you need/want me too! I’ve been suffering from the same problem during break. I am currently at the highest weight I have ever been… and it is going to STOP as soon as I get back to school. Depression sucks, and things just seem to build and build and build… I love you, and if you and Yeti want to come over for dinner sometime when we get back to school, Carl and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you. And yes, blogging is very, very fun!

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