Talking to Family on the Phone…

Oh dear.

So instead of spending the evening sitting in my room staring at the wall because the man is a jerk and didn’t take me home with him…I went home to have dinner with my parents.

…and my sister can’t cook, but that’s a completely different story.

Well, while we’re there my grandmother called and we started talking. She asked how I was doing, and then reluctantly how the man was doing and then repeatedly told me not to get married…and to stay in school instead of taking a year off.


Seriously. Get off my case family! I’ve finished four years of college in three years and I’ve worked fifty million hours every semester…I just want to take a break.

and get married. Well, let’s see how that works out for us.

Tomorrow we’re helping friends move. I’m not excited about it since its -12389723498237492837498 degrees outside…and I get cold easily when its 50 degrees above zero.

I just wanted to air my frustrations here.


One response to “Talking to Family on the Phone…

  1. i heart you. a lot. it is like -91323493834038 degrees outside. and close to that temp in our apartment! lol!

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