Its been an exciting weekend.

Oh yes.

Well, I wouldn’t lie to you.

Saturday the man and I woke up (in separate places don’t freak) and I had a monster headache…happens every once in a while…but we went out anyway. We were headed out with my bff and her husband (who we will call bffH cleverly) because it was bffH’s birthday. Anyway…I had a headache but was determined to have a good time nevertheless. I took one of my special pills for such an occasion and was queasy until I got to Starbucks and had a Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato, then everything was fine. We saw Bride Wars which was a little bit cute and we (the man and I) shopped for cute furniture to put in our cute apartment when we become a cute husband and wife.

Anyway. I get ahead of myself.

So on the way home from our festivities the man started to get a headache. We went to my parents’ house for a little bit after we got home and he seemed to be okay but when we woke up this morning (still in separate places…calm down everyone) he had a headache and I had a headache. I got rid of mine but he decided to keep his…you know, for fun.

We stayed in from church and laid around our respective rooms until it was time for BffH’s birthday party. We went to eat first and then to Bff and BffH’s house where there were party festivities happening. The man sat down on the couch and he was in so much pain…so I just tried to put on a happy face and help him out any way I could. He eventually asked if we could leave early and when we got out to the car he confessed the pain was too much for him to handle and could I take him to the hospital. Now, the man is a burly man who is much too manly to admit he’s in pain…so this was way out of character for him. I naturally assumed he was dying and tore arse to the hospital.

We were there for three and a half hours. I sat back in the Emergency Room with the man and we talked and tried to make the best of it. I’m not going to lie, I was a little freaked out. I didn’t want anything to be wrong with the man or anything too catastrophic to happen. I pulled it togther and grew some cahonies…like any good stagehand would. I was in charge of getting the man ice water (which made his head feel a little better) and updating MIL about what was going on…and I had never talked to MIL before so I was a little freaked out about that “hello, this is your son’s girlfriend…your son is dying of a headache and I’m here with him. mwuhahaha” (MIL is a nice lady btw)…

We were sitting back in the man’s Emergency Room bed and the doctor came in. The doctor said “Hello Mr. The Man,” and he looked up at me and said “and you are…” and the man said “My fiancee” and I said (after the doctor had left even I am not this crass) “I am not your fiancee the man! you have never asked me to marry you.”

so the man got out of his hospital bed and got down on one knee…

This is the man we’re talking about…not…well, someone else.

All I can say is after tonight he’d better marry me…or he’ll be in the hospital A LOT longer than three and a half hours.

I love the man to pieces…he’s absolutely perfect for me…because if he wasn’t I wouldn’t be going to bed smiling because my man was in the hospital and we managed to use it as a way to strengthen our relationship and bond.

And the man’s head is doing much better.
I told MIL they were giving him a CAT scan to make sure there was nothing wrong with his brain and she said “well, good luck with that…”

I’m going to bed. Its been a long night.


One response to “Its been an exciting weekend.

  1. Aww!! I’m glad icky hospital rooms can make you feel better…or.. well, your relationship feel better.You know what I mean.

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