I started off my day by lying to an insurance salesman. I really did. No joke. I told him that the man and I were getting married and wanted to buy insurance..which is true. I then lied about our weight (the guy sounded hot on the phone and I didn’t want him to know I’m a heifer…I don’t care if he knows the man’s weight) I lied about the man being a filthy smoker and I did not EVEN mention my mother’s breast cancer…that would be stupid.

So we can get affordable insurance coverage at the cost of my immortal soul.
That sounds like a fair bargain to me.

I then wrote Bff’s cover letter for a job she’s applying for. Which I thought was nice of me if not a little dishonest. Bff was certainly appreciative…but she always is. Yesterday the man salted Bff and Bffh’s driveway. Here’s a picture of him being manly:

I’m pretty sure he would be mildly irritated at me for publishing this picture. Probably as irritated as he was that i was blocking the doorway while trying to get a picture of him being manly. Yes, that is a twenty-five pound bag of rock salt on his manly shoulder…and yes he did put rock salt on Bff and BffH’s driveway so they didn’t slip and die.

I am not a fan of this snow that has settled on campus. I hadn’t had class since Monday and had to go to class today at 11 so I was a little upset about that but I lived. My least favorite thing about the snow is it tends to make twentysomethings act like four year olds…and as chief enforcer of Bible College rules (at least my part of the Bible College) I get more than a little irritated by after dark sledding when it involves screeching and injuries.

Who has to drive you to the hospital children? Yes. That would be me. Think about that? Do you really want to spend hours in the emergency room with me? Ask the man how that turned out.

Well, I’m headed off to do something productive since it seems like life is going to become halfway normal around here again.


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  1. he looks so…manly.

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