Things I’m thankful for.

I thought since I have a few minutes and no homework due tomorrow I should do a post about things I’m thankful for. So since this is my blog and I can monitor the content…I’ll do it.

I’m thankful sort of that Twitter isn’t working too well, its keeping me from making mundane updates every five minutes.

I’m thankful for the man, and our great relationship. We’ve been scrapping a lot recently and I think we finally hashed it all out today and figured out what the underlying problems were. The man is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had, we really can do anything together. We can pray together, we like the same movies, we can go shopping together, and today we hoofed our fat rear ends over to the gym and worked out together. It was probably one of the cutest things we’ve ever done. And since it wasn’t sub zero frigid and snowing we took a walk around campus after dinner…because he’s sweet and lets me talk him in to things. I’m so lucky, and so thankful.

I’m thankful I have figured out what to do with my life…it was right under my nose…or conveniently located in a building on campus. I tweeted about it the other day but I’ll have more details later.

I’m thankful that I have a job and a place to live in these uncertain economic times. My job sucks, but I’m able to make some extra money by working shows without causing too many waves.

I’m thankful that its my last semester of college.

I’m thankful that I, Liz who never thought I’d get married…am getting married!!!

I’m thankful that I have great friends, and a great family who care.


I think thats it for now…but its my bed time (and I’m thankful that I can actually get some sleep lately…what a relief).

Catch ya’ll later.
Ew…I really need to come up with a cute catchphrase for the end of my posts.



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