I shouldn’t have done it.

My sister told me about a friend who got engaged over the weekend.

I logged on to facebook to look at her ring (because we girls do stuff like that…) and EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEKEND!!!

I know its because its valentines day and its the weekend of love…but seriously.

I shouldn’t have looked at it.
I didn’t just look at friend’s ring…I looked at acquaintance’s ring, not-so-friend’s ring, jerk girl’s ring and man-I-just-plain-don’t-like-who-is-so-narcissistic-he-took-a-picture-of-his-girlfriend’s-ring…all the while staring at my empty hand.

I shouldn’t be jumping the gun…we’ve only been dating five months but we’ve been talking about it basically since we started dating and DANGIT I WANT MY RING! We can’t get engaged until I meet his family…and I can’t meet his family until April when we go up for spring break (meaning I have to live in his parent’s house for an ENTIRE week…I’m already freaking out about this but that’s a completely different story) This whole thing is starting to get me depressed so I’d better quit now before I go do something I regret.

On the reading front…I haven’t managed to read yet…I borrowed a book from Shaina N. and it made a good place to put my glasses and my phone last night so I could find them this morning but I have no idea what its about or whether or not I’ll be reading it or not.

Anyway. Its been a good weekend. We went out and had a really good time…I shouldn’t spoil it by being a jerk and trying to rush the next step in my life.

but DANGIT!!
(that was a joke)


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