I have a migraine.

Migraines are one of my more irritating traits.
I don’t know if the tendency to have headaches is a trait or not…I wish I didn’t have them but now that I’m on meds for them its a little better.

However, the meds make me do irritating things like walk funny, have a blank look on my face constantly, lack the ability to concentrate and snap at cashiers in K-Mart (he had it coming).

These headaches are a part of my life, as is the medication induced stupor that accompanies them. I’m okay with this…because I can’t really change it…and its really no use whining about headaches I can’t change.

I’m mostly writing this to compare my style of writing when I have a headache to my style when I’m headache free.

Anyway. The man and I are making a day trip to Lexington for our winter break which should be fairly exciting. I just have to get through the next few hours and a few classes. I think I can manage.

I’m off to analyze a Viking saga.
Oh boy.


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