I am so unbelievably lazy lately.

I realized tonight that instead of struggling and busting tail to get a homework assignment done (that was due Monday and is already EXTREMELY late) I should just put it on hold until tomorrow and concentrate on things I actually want to do…like blogging.

This has been a good week. I spent the better part of last night laughing and talking with my mom and sister…and then the 9 week old Beagle puppy peed on my mom. Anyway… Tonight I had chicken and dumplings which made fat Liz really happy. The man and I have taken to eating better which makes both of our large rear ends feel better. I try to make my salad as pretty as possible and I’ve gotten a few comments on how pretty my salads are…and have inadvertently started an attractive salad craze on campus.

Its just the little things that make me happy anymore.

Like warm weather…I wish it would come back. I was more than ready to retire my ugly gray shoes and heavy sweaters for the rest of the year and frolic around in flip flops and t-shirts. That would be very nice.

Oh, and my sister won an orange Ipod nano and gave it to me!! I love it .I named it Orangepod and have been bouncing around to music since I got it. Its a good thing I live alone.

So I’m being lazy and typing this blog…I should probably try to do something productive or probably not…I think another cup of tea and a book are in order.


One response to “I am so unbelievably lazy lately.

  1. Organic Meatbag

    I always do all my blogging at work… it makes me realize that I should be working, but ehhhh… who gives a rats ass!?

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