I have a lot on my mind but don’t really want to type it out. So I’m going to post several pictures with small captions a “practically wordless Wednesday” as Shaina N. often says. I understand it is not Wednesday. I have not completely lost it. However, there is just so much going on in life that I don’t really want to write about. I had a small panic attack last night because I have so much to do and less time to accomplish all of this than I think.

Oh well. Pictures.

This is my FAVORITE picture of Brian (OOPS! The man…) and me. I really do love this picture, its the background on my phone, and its framed on my desk and will be framed in my house and later in our house. I just adore it. However, every time I look at it I find something wrong with it.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the K. and me. We’re on our way to a My Morning Jacket concert. That was a great day.

This is my mom and me when she still wore her wig. This was at ShainaN’s wedding. I look a little thin in that picture BECAUSE I HAD SWEATED OFF FIFTY POUNDS IN THE UPPER ROOM OF THE CHURCH. Whew, great day.

My sister takes great pictures of me when I’m not looking. I’ll explain the significance of this picture: I am sitting on some rocks on the North Shore of Lake Superior. In the bottom left corner of the picture you can see my shoes with my phone tucked in to one of them. I had just finished texting Brian before he became “the man” and telling him how beautiful the lake was. He texted back telling me he was sad he wasn’t there with me. I put down the phone because I had just broken up with his predecessor and was confused. I stared at the lake for a few minutes before my sister snapped this picture, told me to put my shoes on, and took me to Dairy Queen.

My sister is wearing green, and I’m wearing blue. This is strange because she likes blue and I like green. Oh well.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I really want to lie down and not go to Kentucky History…but I’d better go.

Keep you head up, its almost the end of the week.


2 responses to “Pictures

  1. Brian 'Yeti' Fields

    I love you. Very very much.

  2. I love you moooooorrreeee!and thus begins the love contest.

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