Why do ridiculous things make the best reflections?

I’m holed up in the library on campus writing my senior seminar capstone paper. Of course they don’t call it a capstone paper, they just call it a seminar paper. Having taken three previous seminar classes (History of Modern Germany, Ancient Greece, and French Revolution: Age of Napoleon) I think calling it a seminar paper cheapens it.

Anyway. I’ve cranked out two pages in under 45 minutes (the future English professor in me is bragging about the IMPORTANCE OF OUTLINING PEOPLE!! OUTLINE!!! IT WILL NOT KILL YOU TO SIT DOWN AND PLAN YOUR WORK!)

I apologize. I’m all about shouting today for some reason. Anyway…I cranked out two pages in under 45 minutes and decided to take a break and reflect.

This paper is for the the capstone class for my major (History/Pre-Law) and all of the work I’ve done prior to this period is half of the battle. This paper is the other half.

My MAJOR. This which I have worked on for three years and which I have written papers until my hands ached and sat through hours and hours of classes…this paper is the end of college for me.

Yes, I have to take the GRE, study for an oral exam, and do the requirements for the other history classes I’m in…but wow. My time as a history major is over when I submit this paper at 2:00 p.m. on April 23, 2009.

I’m getting out of history, or at least the scholastic study of it. I realized throughout this capstone course that its not for me. I’m moving instead toward my one true love (besides Brian “the man” F.) Literature.

A while back I blogged about not being able to read books. Apparently whatever was bothering me about reading books is gone and I’ve inhaled three books since then and am getting ready (once this paper is done) to go to my favorite (or only close) half price book store and get new books. I realized that writing, reading, and editing are three of the greatest things in the world so I’m going to school to learn to be either an English professor or a book editor. These two things inspire happiness in me that history has never been able to awaken.

This means I get to go on an unpaid internship this summer!! Joy of joys!! It also means I’ll be doing the three things I love most: reading, writing, and editing. (the man is in there too…but he’s a person and this blog needs to be strictly PG until this late summer/fall…then I don’t know what to tell you).

Anyway, I’m going to pull up a new playlist on the Orangepod, attempt to be quiet in the library (I really hate it in here. I make all kinds of noise and this place is way too quiet), and get five pages done on this paper before dinner…which is usually at 5:00 or shortly thereafter.

and there’s two weeks (more like 1 and 3/4 weeks) until Spring Break
and 45 days until graduation.

and the pants I’m wearing are made of some kind of canvas that makes a horrible noise every time I fidget…and I fidget often. Whoever sold me these pants is laughing somewhere. I predict it.

Until next time.


One response to “Why do ridiculous things make the best reflections?

  1. Organic Meatbag

    You have noisy pants, and I have squeaky shoes…apparently, I have a leak in the little shock absorber deals in my shoes…therefore, every step sounds like I am lightly stepping on a dog’s squeak toy…it is shameful…

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