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I realized today what a remarkable person my father, Mr. Rice is.

An event happened on campus…actually, over the course of a year an event was happening that caused the resignation of one of our professors–a professor who was really loved by the student body. In chapel today our president here at Bible College, Agent K, got up and read the professor’s letter of resignation and told us that we needed to learn from this experience. Out of respect to his children…whom I have been friends with for the six years I’ve known this professor (my dad works at Bible College btw for those who might not know) and to his wife who is the sweetest woman in the entire world I won’t say what he did…but it was despicable.

It was despicable not for the act so much as it was for the people it hurt.
There were at least thirty if not more (the man estimates fifty) students that hung around after chapel today in a quiet, dark room to cry and grieve for the loss of someone they trusted and loved.

I stayed in there and thought I was all right until I heard someone sobbing. My emotions started to break through the wall I built and I started crying. I then watched as the campus counselor, the dean of students, and several professors walked around and started to console the students who stayed behind. I heard sobbing, and saw people just sitting with their heads in their hands.

My dad got up and started making the rounds and hugging people. I saw him hug people and let them cry on him like he’s done for my sister and myself. He was picking up the pieces this person had left…he was caring for people that weren’t his music business majors (and some that were) and caring for people who just needed to be loved. He consoled his boss, and his boss’s wife, and stood like a rock while people cried and talked to him.

I don’t know when he’s going to break down…or if he will…but he’s helping people who are broken, and that’s what is needed right now. After chapel the man and I were on our way out and Dad caught me and hugged me and over my shoulder said thanked the man for doing his job (consoling me) so he could do his job (consoling other people). He then said it would be the man’s job soon…and that made me smile.

I also realized mid-way through my frantic search for a dress for Junior Senior Banquet that I have the greatest man in the world. The man pulled dresses off the rack and told me how great they would look on me and sat in the “husband chair” outside the fitting room and told me that I looked great in everything…but a blue floral print dress was THE dress for Junior/Senior. He’s the greatest. I’m so lucky to have him.

I can’t wait for the rest of my life with him.

However, In order to accomplish the rest of my life I need to stop weeping intermittently and get some work done…


This has been a wonderful wonderful week.

I got engaged.
My friends are having a great week.
I got THE GREATEST NEWS this afternoon…I’ll share later when I get the okay that I can share.

but something bad also happened.
not to me…but I find myself here affected by it nonetheless.

My mom and dad are in New York right now, watching a Broadway play…so I can’t go talk to my mom.
Brian is in his room, and I can call him and talk to him but I’ve already talked his ear off about this and it upsets both of us.

…so I’m posting about it.
Because this isn’t one of those things that I’ll forget next year and never think about again.
This hurts.

I’m so happy…and I’m happy despite this.
But…wow, I’m shocked.

and my Pandora “guilty pleasure” station refuses to play the sad country songs I want to hear.
It keeps playing songs about falling in love, or cheating, or getting drunk…
not what I want to hear.

I think I’ll make my own mix.
and try to forget about parts of today.

The story of how I got engaged…

I didn’t want to write “my engagement story” so I’m writing the story of how I got engaged.


So I was having a crappy day. I got up this morning and didn’t shower (eew) and was irritated because I haven’t slept well since Brian and I got back from Michigan. I was mad because its was 40 degrees outside and ITS APRIL! Get with the program Kentucky. Brian and I were supposed to go take pictures today (I had no idea why) and I was mad that it was cold. So I persuaded him to postpone the picture taking until Friday.

So I get out of class today after what seemed like a million years and Brian met me in front of our main building. I get in the car and he’s wearing khakis and a polo shirt (and I didn’t figure out something was different) He said he was taking me out to lunch and I was okay with that. We then start driving aimlessly (which is a habit of ours) and eventually ended up out at the spot where we had our first date (I then remembered I had left my camera at home) I was joking about how when we went on our first date I came home and said I’d never go on a date with him again and we both laughed. We then laughed about how a group of geese are a gaggle (really…we did this) He then got out of the car and said he’d heard something rattling around in the trunk.

To which I thought…great, whats wrong with your car now…(his car sometimes makes Wookie noises) I got out and stretched and contemplated chasing the geese when he came back with a HUGE bouquet of daisies with one single red rose (ps. I LOVE DAISIES!) I had no clue he was going to ask me to marry him.

here’s a picture of the monstrosity that was the flowers. They’re in a vase on my desk.
I, of course freaked out about the flowers…and still had no clue he was going to ask me to marry him…until he pulled out a ring box from his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

The funny thing about this is yesterday morning he pulled a muscle in his back playing dodgeball and told me he had been praying to God to just be able to get down on one knee today. What is also funny is last night I was threatening to kill him…so he asked me and I said yes.

Actually I squeaked yes. And then I cried and laughed for about twenty minutes. And then I hugged him and told him I loved him and he made me happy.
which he does.
He’s the best.

I’m going to make him take some pictures with me this afternoon after I’ve showered and fixed my hair and look decent.
And the ring??? Oh, nice of you to ask.
I can’t take a picture of it to save my life: but here’s the picture from the Kay website:

Thats the ring and its matching band..but the two won’t be re-united for a while yet. We’ll see how long as soon as Brian and I sit down and talk about it.

I’m so in love…and so happy.
Now on to take my bff Miranda home and go do other things than get engaged since I’ve done that already today.


Quick Post

-I survived Michigan…I only lost three toes and most of my nose to frostbite…but my nose was too big anyway so I’m pretty happy about it (I kid…)

-I got on the scale yesterday and realized I am HYOOOGE…this is due to the fact that I can’t stop shoving food in my face (not that I’m trying) and exacerbated by the fact that my future mother-in-law cooks better than should be allowed by any person. Also exacerbated by the fact that my mother can’t cook and trusts McDonalds to feed us (The Filet of Fish sandwich is a gift from God)

-I have thirteen (after today) days of class until I graduate college. (Plus finals) This makes me happy but I wish I could hit the fast forward button but still magically do all my work.

-I love the man, and all of the man’s friends whom I have met.

-The check engine light came on in my Ford Escape last night and depressed me more than I am willing to admit. I thought I was on top of the car maintenance thing…I check the oil, and the fluids (I know oil is a fluid I was using it as an example)…and generally take care of my car that I love more than most people….but I’ll see whats happening with the car and get it fixed…because I love my car.

-I’m laughing about how my car gets a paragraph and the man gets a sentence. Ha.

-Do I have to go to class today? Or tomorrow? Or the next day? Seriously?

-My parents are going to New York this weekend. This makes me laugh.

-I guess I have to go to class so I need to fix my hair.

Will blog again later if I’m not doing homework.
So I’ll probably blog again later.


Above all things…I am pragmatic.

I’m on Spring Break.

I’m still in Kentucky as of right now…and not complaining about that at all)
We’re headed to Lexington tomorrow for my sister’s scholarship banquet (there had better be food or I’ll leave…or something) and then Sunday I’m having a small party (read: buying dinner) for my parents’ 25th anniversary. Its precious that my parents have been married that long and haven’t killed each other.

Tomorrow while we’re in Lexington I have to go to several jewelry stores (or just one) with dad and help him pick out an anniversary band for mom. Isn’t that precious? I’m really excited to help him out.

Then Sunday is the reception and the man is staying at my house.

..and Monday we’re headed to Michigan to stay at the man’s house for a week and have exciting adventures with his parents who we have yet to cleverly name.

I would be lying to you if I said I was over the moon excited about it…but I’m not frantically trying to find excuses not to go.

and that my friends…is the best you’ll get from me as of right now.

I wrote something the other night…that I plan to share with you shortly before the man and I leave…so he can’t see it until its already done. I’m a mean person…I know.

and just the fact that I’m posting it here will leave him in rapt suspense.

Until we meet again.