Above all things…I am pragmatic.

I’m on Spring Break.

I’m still in Kentucky as of right now…and not complaining about that at all)
We’re headed to Lexington tomorrow for my sister’s scholarship banquet (there had better be food or I’ll leave…or something) and then Sunday I’m having a small party (read: buying dinner) for my parents’ 25th anniversary. Its precious that my parents have been married that long and haven’t killed each other.

Tomorrow while we’re in Lexington I have to go to several jewelry stores (or just one) with dad and help him pick out an anniversary band for mom. Isn’t that precious? I’m really excited to help him out.

Then Sunday is the reception and the man is staying at my house.

..and Monday we’re headed to Michigan to stay at the man’s house for a week and have exciting adventures with his parents who we have yet to cleverly name.

I would be lying to you if I said I was over the moon excited about it…but I’m not frantically trying to find excuses not to go.

and that my friends…is the best you’ll get from me as of right now.

I wrote something the other night…that I plan to share with you shortly before the man and I leave…so he can’t see it until its already done. I’m a mean person…I know.

and just the fact that I’m posting it here will leave him in rapt suspense.

Until we meet again.



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