Quick Post

-I survived Michigan…I only lost three toes and most of my nose to frostbite…but my nose was too big anyway so I’m pretty happy about it (I kid…)

-I got on the scale yesterday and realized I am HYOOOGE…this is due to the fact that I can’t stop shoving food in my face (not that I’m trying) and exacerbated by the fact that my future mother-in-law cooks better than should be allowed by any person. Also exacerbated by the fact that my mother can’t cook and trusts McDonalds to feed us (The Filet of Fish sandwich is a gift from God)

-I have thirteen (after today) days of class until I graduate college. (Plus finals) This makes me happy but I wish I could hit the fast forward button but still magically do all my work.

-I love the man, and all of the man’s friends whom I have met.

-The check engine light came on in my Ford Escape last night and depressed me more than I am willing to admit. I thought I was on top of the car maintenance thing…I check the oil, and the fluids (I know oil is a fluid I was using it as an example)…and generally take care of my car that I love more than most people….but I’ll see whats happening with the car and get it fixed…because I love my car.

-I’m laughing about how my car gets a paragraph and the man gets a sentence. Ha.

-Do I have to go to class today? Or tomorrow? Or the next day? Seriously?

-My parents are going to New York this weekend. This makes me laugh.

-I guess I have to go to class so I need to fix my hair.

Will blog again later if I’m not doing homework.
So I’ll probably blog again later.



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