This has been a wonderful wonderful week.

I got engaged.
My friends are having a great week.
I got THE GREATEST NEWS this afternoon…I’ll share later when I get the okay that I can share.

but something bad also happened.
not to me…but I find myself here affected by it nonetheless.

My mom and dad are in New York right now, watching a Broadway play…so I can’t go talk to my mom.
Brian is in his room, and I can call him and talk to him but I’ve already talked his ear off about this and it upsets both of us.

…so I’m posting about it.
Because this isn’t one of those things that I’ll forget next year and never think about again.
This hurts.

I’m so happy…and I’m happy despite this.
But…wow, I’m shocked.

and my Pandora “guilty pleasure” station refuses to play the sad country songs I want to hear.
It keeps playing songs about falling in love, or cheating, or getting drunk…
not what I want to hear.

I think I’ll make my own mix.
and try to forget about parts of today.


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  1. I know how you feel. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, and it doesn’t even affect me as closely as it does you.It has been a good week! I can’t wait to hear the WONDERFUL news! heheHave a wonderful weekend.And, P.S. I now know when you were conceived. 🙂

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