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Life is different up North.

So the day after my college graduation (last Saturday May 9) was Mother’s Day.

The day after that (May 11) I jumped in my grandfather’s giant Lincoln Towncar (I actually did jump in it…I was taking my sweet time getting ready to leave and they showed up early and I wasn’t near ready…but thats beside the point) and we took off for Two Harbors, MN.

Two Harbors is a place that I’m familiar with, I’ve been coming here for close to ten years now. I’ve skipped a couple of summers because of work but basically this has been my retreat.

Its boring as all get out to most people. There are no people my age here so I spend most of my time with the 55+ set, my grandparents included. I have lots of special family here and lots of special memories. So its only fitting that after a semester long depression, a thirty-five pound weight gain, and no job prospects to speak of…I end up here.

I’ve been here since last Tuesday (a week ago today for you scholars) and I’ll be here until the first of June when we head back for my sister’s high school graduation. I marvel at how I ended up here (my Papaw and I drove…which is not the shocking part) I just decided when my grandmother mentioned it the first time back in April that I would be coming up here. I left my parents (who function very well without me) and my sister, and the man, and the man’s fabulous parents (who left a day after me so I didn’t really miss much with them) as well as the man’s extended family who are constant providers of comic relief…especially when he shares text messages with them that he shouldn’t. Harumph.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I just packed up and left. I left my home in Nowhere, KY without even really looking back. I’ll be back soon…but this is the last time that I’ll be able to do something like this.

This place that I’m sitting in now, the Two Harbors Public Library is a special place too. Right now its loud and noisy because there are children and I forgot to bring my Ipod. I’ll remember that next time.

The people and places here are so relaxing and so etched in my memory that this place is and will always be extremely special. I enjoy the bond I’ve built with my grandparents from these visits and I enjoy the new things we do every time we come up here. I enjoy being able to drive my legally blind grandmother around (because God help us if she decided to drive herself) and I enjoy being of help to my grandparents in their house and in their flowerbeds…because I’ve recently taken up gardening. Its a great stress reliever.

Well, the library is getting a little old and I’m getting the impression that I’ve seated myself in someplace inconvenient. So, I’m going to bundle myself up (its 45 degrees up here today) and avoid killing the children that are pounding on every surface that makes noise in the library.

Until next time.



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