This is a fun one…

Although I hate surveys and all things like them I decided to do this because I’m rather bored but not really all that tired tonight.

I also cooked a fabulous (not to toot my own horn or anything but its a long time since I’ve done something creative like make up a recipe) dinner for my mom and me. Step by step instructions and my recipe coming soon!

I can’t…
bring myself to watch the mess that is John and Kate+8. coordinate clothes and jewelry (I always have one thing out of place). wear the maxi dress I bought a couple weeks ago, stupid dress anxiety. do math in my head. do math. teach my phone to spell cusswords on T9 mode. stop watching wedding planning and wedding cake shows.

I can..
type really fast. apparently live in a messy hovel of a room that I have yet to finish organizing. cook a fabulous dinner (toot toot). text and drive, even though I shouldn’t. come up with things to make but rarely make them. go ape over decorating books. be extremely organized and a mess at the same time.

I won’t…
be friends with people who use me anymore. let the dog out the front door when he should go out the back door with the other dogs. eat at Arby’s (I just hate it for some reason). listen to r&b. pay more than $10.00 for a haircut. use text slang. get a smart phone until I have to. read any more women’s magazines.

I will…
continue to make ridiculous faces at anything and everything when I’m alone. collect stuffed animals. Have a deep, burning desire to go to Sea World even though I’m an adult. have a million pillows on my bed and get irritated with the man when he knocks them off. drive fast on country roads in my car every day. continue to be fascinated with the combination of peppers and onion in food. read too many books.

I shouldn’t…
read so many books, or at least buy so many books. peruse the clearance rack in old navy. wear t-shirts under spaghetti strap tanktops. read “the knot”. say the dirties. be sitting here craving s’mores after all the healthy food I ate today minus the homemade pizza the man and I made for breakfast/lunch. have a burning desire to go to sea world. drive so recklessly in my car. profess my undying love for my car in front of the man. crave so many fatty foods. cut the backyard in to the shape of a penis accidentally and bring my mother to tears laughing about it.

I should…
take a ride on a rocking horse ;-). start planning my effing wedding since I got a job. clean my room. clean my house. stop yelling at the puppy for being obnoxious. go get my haircut tomorrow. repaint my toenails. start looking at graduate schoools. retake the GRE. lose weight. get up earlier. take my sleeping medication (apparently I have super insomnia). curl up with a book in my bed!

wow, that last one sounds like a winner.


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