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This work week is going extremely fast…and other observations.

I have had four migraines in four days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) Blah. This means I’ve taken a ton of my expensive headache meds, been incoherent and high mos of the time, not dealt with customers at work as professionally as I usually do, and made an ass of myself in front of the man’s family. Someone needs to drill a hole in my head please.

I don’t have one today…but its only a matter of time.

LizDoesWeightLoss is going surprisingly well (meaning I haven’t eaten twenty chocolate bars) I made banana bread Monday night and my co-workers disposed of it for me. I love them all. We’ve been taking the time to cook all of our meals at the Homestead and it really makes a difference. I have made a vow to only weigh myself on Monday so I can post my blog. Well, I might weigh myself Friday. Who knows. I might weigh myself in five minutes and not post about it. Thats just how I am.

The man’s parents are in (whom I love). The only sad thing about their visit is they’re leaving to go home tomorrow and we won’t get to see them for a long time. Well, Brian will get to see them in November, the jury is still out on whether Liz will get to see them at that same time. If not Liz will be working the Community Thanksgiving Dinner that Next to Nowhere Christian Church puts on every year. Turkey, Stuffing, and lots of children.

No, the children are not on the menu. I can’t believe you’d think such a thing.

My office PC is full of the devil so I’ve brought the mac to work, which can do just as much if not more than the stinky PC. The office IT guy came to fix the pc (and then decided he had other things to do) and asked me if I had downloaded anything inappropriate on it. To which I replied that I had only downloaded several video clips from Girls Gone Wild because I think if I practice enough I can get on the Mardi Gras special. I then waved my hand in the air as if I were…well, you can figure it out I’m sure, and he looked at me like I was insane.

Because I am.

I’ll leave you with that and get down to some business, since I’m supposed to be working.


Liz Does Weight Loss: Week One

Well, I’ve survived my food diary week. I wish the contents were such that I felt comfortable sharing with you…but whew, I have a serious problem.

I said I wasn’t going to alter what I ate, but after the first two days I started to get embarrassed to write my food intake down, which I guess is the point. I had pizza, mexican food, pizza again, lots of fresh veggies (not so bad), cookies, no bakes that i made myself…ugh. Bad!

For this reason (combined with months of bad decisions) my starting weight for this weight loss experiment is….213.0

Oh, you can’t read that?

I’m embarrassed to post my weight on the Internet for all to see…but here it is.

My starting weight for this experiment is 213.0.

This is what I look like here, starting out week 1

Yes, this is a horrible zoomed out picture with the dogs fighting in front of me. Because I don’t want to dwell on this picture. I want to take a better picture, capable of not making me want to vomit every time I see it.

Here’s to that picture, and here’s to a successful week 1 of my weight loss trip.

Welcome to My Nightmare

This morning as I was getting ready for work (running seriously late I might add) the song “Welcome to My Nightmare” by Alice Cooper was playing over and over in my head.

I don’t think when Alice wrote it he was envisioning his song being used by a twentysomething advertising rep as she’s struggling to put on her pants in the morning…but it fits.

I am in my nightmare.

I was getting ready to go to the job I really like where I like to make a positive impression. And its hard to make a positive impression when none of your clothes fit. (Even harder when its pre-paycheck time and you can’t afford to buy anything else) So I’m forced to wear more casual clothes to work (where as I previously mentioned I like to make a good impression) because none of my dress clothes fit.

I have previously blogged about my weight and the struggle that its been over the past year. This time last year I was thirty pounds give or take lighter than I am now, and was wearing a size 10-12. This year…I don’t even want to talk about it.

So…its time for me to wake up from my nightmare. Welcome to LizDoesWeightLoss. This “Monday Series” will take place here on my blog every Monday from now until I get this blasted weight off me. I will weigh myself…post the results which I really don’t want anyone to know, post my picture, and discuss the struggles or triumphs of the week. I invite you on this journey with me to wake up from this nightmare where I’m riding the fast track to obesity and invite you to make healthy choices in your own life.

So this week, to get this started I’m keeping a food journal of everything I eat and all the water I drink this week. Its VBS at my church this week so that will be an extra struggle…plus, I’m having trouble waking up today and would love nothing more than to chug Starbucks Coffee for the rest of the day…but I shouldn’t do that.

Right now I should try to wake up and get focused on work…Blah.

Wish me luck! I’m bidding a fond farewell to my stomach, thighs, and large rear. Happy trails to you…

Quick Thoughts

Since I haven’t blogged in a while I’d like to share a few quick thoughts with you.

(I’m blogging at work. Sue me!)

-This morning I heard the weekend weather forecast and thought “but the work week just started!” Proof I’m going bonkers.

-The man is housesitting this weekend, this will be fun.

-Many of you who know me know my favorite fast food restaurant is Chick Fil A. This Friday is “dress like a cow day” at Chick Fil A so I’m taking my mom to lunch, and we’re wearing “cow headbands” because we both have civilized jobs where you can’t really dress like a cow.

-I have a fabulous recipe and the story of my weekend to share with you when I find time to blog again. Who knows when that will be I’m super busy.


-My mom went to TJ Max (the best store in the country) and bought me an adorable plaid tank top. I’m wearing it to work today (appropriately covered up) and I feel so great today. Too bad I’m stuck in the office all day.

-My family has returned from Indianapolis. I’m pretty happy about this.

-I really need to get back to work, this list format is starting to annoy me.

Three Things I Already Love about my New Job

Well, I started a new job, which you may be able to guess by the title of this entry.

I haven’t heard anything back about “Dream Job” so I took a job with my local newspaper as an advertising sales consultant.

Which is, I might add, a fabulous job for someone with my obsessive perfectionist nature.

So, as I know you’re waiting with baited breath to hear about my job the following are three things I love about my job:

1. My boss is SOOOOO organized. As a former stage manager and stagehand I appreciate perfection and organization. The other sales consultant is also organized. Hence I spend a lot of my time drooling over how smooth everything runs.

2. I spend a good part of my day calling people on the phone to either introduce myself/check up on them/contact them about advertising, and I love that. I feel like a better member of the community of Nowhere, KY. I also will occasionally get to design an ad for a person, sorry…I drooled on the keyboard a little.

3. It is a steady job, I work 40 hours a week, and I get all the good stuff (benefits, insurance, hour lunch, overtime, paid vacation and holidays). Plus I work 8-5 every weekday and don’t have to work weekends. Its pretty much an amazing schedule.

and the honorable mention on this list of three…I am definitely not blogging on company time. Which I probably never will again, I’m just one of two people in the office (normally 5/6 people) right now and the man is taking me out to dinner tonight. I enjoy my special blog time in the evenings.

Everyone have a good day and remember to read the newspaper. Especially if you live in Nowhere, KY or the vicinity. You might be paying my salary!