Three Things I Already Love about my New Job

Well, I started a new job, which you may be able to guess by the title of this entry.

I haven’t heard anything back about “Dream Job” so I took a job with my local newspaper as an advertising sales consultant.

Which is, I might add, a fabulous job for someone with my obsessive perfectionist nature.

So, as I know you’re waiting with baited breath to hear about my job the following are three things I love about my job:

1. My boss is SOOOOO organized. As a former stage manager and stagehand I appreciate perfection and organization. The other sales consultant is also organized. Hence I spend a lot of my time drooling over how smooth everything runs.

2. I spend a good part of my day calling people on the phone to either introduce myself/check up on them/contact them about advertising, and I love that. I feel like a better member of the community of Nowhere, KY. I also will occasionally get to design an ad for a person, sorry…I drooled on the keyboard a little.

3. It is a steady job, I work 40 hours a week, and I get all the good stuff (benefits, insurance, hour lunch, overtime, paid vacation and holidays). Plus I work 8-5 every weekday and don’t have to work weekends. Its pretty much an amazing schedule.

and the honorable mention on this list of three…I am definitely not blogging on company time. Which I probably never will again, I’m just one of two people in the office (normally 5/6 people) right now and the man is taking me out to dinner tonight. I enjoy my special blog time in the evenings.

Everyone have a good day and remember to read the newspaper. Especially if you live in Nowhere, KY or the vicinity. You might be paying my salary!


One response to “Three Things I Already Love about my New Job

  1. You should soooo get on Gmail chat when you get bored.

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