Quick Thoughts

Since I haven’t blogged in a while I’d like to share a few quick thoughts with you.

(I’m blogging at work. Sue me!)

-This morning I heard the weekend weather forecast and thought “but the work week just started!” Proof I’m going bonkers.

-The man is housesitting this weekend, this will be fun.

-Many of you who know me know my favorite fast food restaurant is Chick Fil A. This Friday is “dress like a cow day” at Chick Fil A so I’m taking my mom to lunch, and we’re wearing “cow headbands” because we both have civilized jobs where you can’t really dress like a cow.

-I have a fabulous recipe and the story of my weekend to share with you when I find time to blog again. Who knows when that will be I’m super busy.


-My mom went to TJ Max (the best store in the country) and bought me an adorable plaid tank top. I’m wearing it to work today (appropriately covered up) and I feel so great today. Too bad I’m stuck in the office all day.

-My family has returned from Indianapolis. I’m pretty happy about this.

-I really need to get back to work, this list format is starting to annoy me.


2 responses to “Quick Thoughts

  1. Blogging at work is one of the keys to surviving in an office environment, I've found. Because no matter how awesome your job is…there will always be downtime somewhere. 🙂

  2. Organic Meatbag

    I tried to go into Chik-Fil-A dressed as a goat man…I didn't get any free chicken but I'm pretty sure I freaked them the hell out…

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