Liz Does Weight Loss: Week One

Well, I’ve survived my food diary week. I wish the contents were such that I felt comfortable sharing with you…but whew, I have a serious problem.

I said I wasn’t going to alter what I ate, but after the first two days I started to get embarrassed to write my food intake down, which I guess is the point. I had pizza, mexican food, pizza again, lots of fresh veggies (not so bad), cookies, no bakes that i made myself…ugh. Bad!

For this reason (combined with months of bad decisions) my starting weight for this weight loss experiment is….213.0

Oh, you can’t read that?

I’m embarrassed to post my weight on the Internet for all to see…but here it is.

My starting weight for this experiment is 213.0.

This is what I look like here, starting out week 1

Yes, this is a horrible zoomed out picture with the dogs fighting in front of me. Because I don’t want to dwell on this picture. I want to take a better picture, capable of not making me want to vomit every time I see it.

Here’s to that picture, and here’s to a successful week 1 of my weight loss trip.


2 responses to “Liz Does Weight Loss: Week One

  1. Go Liz! I have faith in ye!

  2. I love you!!!!!! I'm really proud of you, and I know you can do it!!!!That was my pre-pregnancy weight too. We're twins. LOL. Now… yeah, I'm only up to 220 (or I was last week). I'm praying that I go back to pre-pregnancy and then I can start a weight loss journey myself. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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