This work week is going extremely fast…and other observations.

I have had four migraines in four days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) Blah. This means I’ve taken a ton of my expensive headache meds, been incoherent and high mos of the time, not dealt with customers at work as professionally as I usually do, and made an ass of myself in front of the man’s family. Someone needs to drill a hole in my head please.

I don’t have one today…but its only a matter of time.

LizDoesWeightLoss is going surprisingly well (meaning I haven’t eaten twenty chocolate bars) I made banana bread Monday night and my co-workers disposed of it for me. I love them all. We’ve been taking the time to cook all of our meals at the Homestead and it really makes a difference. I have made a vow to only weigh myself on Monday so I can post my blog. Well, I might weigh myself Friday. Who knows. I might weigh myself in five minutes and not post about it. Thats just how I am.

The man’s parents are in (whom I love). The only sad thing about their visit is they’re leaving to go home tomorrow and we won’t get to see them for a long time. Well, Brian will get to see them in November, the jury is still out on whether Liz will get to see them at that same time. If not Liz will be working the Community Thanksgiving Dinner that Next to Nowhere Christian Church puts on every year. Turkey, Stuffing, and lots of children.

No, the children are not on the menu. I can’t believe you’d think such a thing.

My office PC is full of the devil so I’ve brought the mac to work, which can do just as much if not more than the stinky PC. The office IT guy came to fix the pc (and then decided he had other things to do) and asked me if I had downloaded anything inappropriate on it. To which I replied that I had only downloaded several video clips from Girls Gone Wild because I think if I practice enough I can get on the Mardi Gras special. I then waved my hand in the air as if I were…well, you can figure it out I’m sure, and he looked at me like I was insane.

Because I am.

I’ll leave you with that and get down to some business, since I’m supposed to be working.


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