It comes in waves.

I’d be lying to you if I said that I kept a blog just so I could write my every waking thoughts.

Not true, thats why I have twitter. (LizDoesRealLife follow me, the things that come out of my mouth are of constant entertainment to many people…or just the man).

I have a blog so I can read everyone else’s blog and see what they have to say about life, the universe, and everything. I don’t flatter myself by thinking people actually care about what I write. I know that I have a few readers who read every time I update (and if I were to flatter myself I’d say I have a couple of lurkers who have not yet taken the big step to follow…I promise I won’t bite you). However, since the NowhereNews has taken up a HUGE portion of my day to day RealLife…okay I’m not going to lie to you. My life has been CONSUMED by print media. To the point that I go to the dollar store to buy a paper on the weekends because I don’t get them delivered to my office on the weekends, well, I do but I’m not there.

I’m completely obsessed.

The man, my mom, my dad, my sister, anyone who interacts with me (and that list is getting shorter every day let me tell you) can tell you I am in love with my job. Selling dry spells sometimes make me doubt it…but I do love my job. I love what I do, I love the business classes I am taking to be better at what I do, and I strive each day to get better and better at being LizDoesRealLife, seller of newspaper advertising.

Striving doesn’t leave much time for blogging, but as long as I have a paycheck and can afford internet access you all don’t mind. Do you?

I leave you with this picture of the man and me. We’re still going strong…stronger now that we aren’t at Bible College.


One response to “It comes in waves.

  1. I'm having a hard time blogging… not because I'm horribly busy… but because I find it hard to write about mundane things over and over again. I read everytime you update!! I think I basically have a blog to read other peoples blogs… maybe that'll get better when I'm bored to tears by myself in an apartment… or when Keevia comes… or if I continue to get ticked off about politics… we shall see. I miss you like I miss ice cream. Which is a lot. (See my funny reference to a fat kid and cake, except I am a fat kid now, and I don't really like cake, but I do like ice cream… so… yeah). LOVE YOU!

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