Reflections on the fast paced world of newspaper advertising.

I am by no means an advertising expert, but I work with a lot of them. I humbly offer some things I have picked up in my short time here at the Nowhere News

•You can’t sell something for tomorrow’s paper today. Our paper only comes out once a week…but get it done Friday for crying out loud. I say this as I am trying to sell something today for Wednesday’s paper. Shame on me.

•My boss always says “don’t insult the product by giving deals” I tend to agree with him. However, sometimes its nice to say “Hey, you can get this for this price, OR I can try to wheedle my supervisor in to a discount.”

•My boss also always says to let the customer say no, not to say no for them. I always say my boss is a little off his rocker. You can’t usually sell a full page ad to a tiny business, but kudos to you if you can.

•Its fun to work in a small office, especially when the girls from the main office whine that they’d rather be working in the small office. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a salesperson and proofing stories, taking classifieds, or designing ads. If you do favors for your co-workers they will be more inclined to help you out say if you’re out of the office and a billion dollar contract comes in (don’t I wish).

•People will be jackasses (like Donkeys, I’m not swearing), people will be rude, people will make you cry…but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong. I learned this the hard way last Thursday.

•Just because someone is from Corporate doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about 😉

•Big Daily Newspapers are not your enemies if you work at a small paper, they are not really your friends either, and they are really not your competition. Dailies and Weeklies provide a different kind of service, but the trick is showing your clients that the service you provide is as beneficial as the service they provide.


•Working in the community where you live is one of the best things in the world. I feel like such a better part of my community now that I work here.

•One of the greatest things a young worker can do is allow him or herself to be mentored by those who know what they’re talking about. The greatest strength to a business is an experienced worker. Old salespeople know what they’re doing, they were brought up in an era of personal communication and they know how to to talk to people and to get things done. So learn from them!

Those are my humble nuggets of wisdom, enjoy and have a great day. I’m off to sell my butt off and make deadline.

Until next time,


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