Liz Does…WHAT!?!?!

My life at the moment has no shortage of crazy happenings, but there’s one that is the crazy to end all crazy…one that is just so bonkers that its possible that I shouldn’t even be doing it…but I am.

This is much crazier than say…

going to a used book sale and returning home with two reusable shopping bags full of books (and then going back for a second day and coming home with two more)
wheeling and dealing with a salesperson for a BEAUTIFUL red adirondack chair that is in front of my house right now.
wheeling and dealing with a salesperson (no, we really do have no respect for each other) for a BEAUTIFUL vanity set. Its vintage, its beautiful, I’m in love.
sitting down with my mother and over the course of a weekend planning my ENTIRE wedding, reception, rehearsal…everything! Its officially LizDoesWeddingPlanning time!!!!!! I’m pretty darn excited people!
taking my dog to work, calling him my son, and confusing the heck out of my boss (that was a good one)

nope, this is much crazier…

I have switched to a 70% RAW 30% cooked diet. This involves…
•drinking 64 oz of water a day
•cutting out tea (my one true love besides the man)
•cutting out bread, white potatoes (except occasionally), and crackers.
•drinking lemon water in the morning (I HATE lemon with a passion)
•incorporating exercise in to my schedule
•I haven’t mentioned…eating RAW FOOD! RAW veggies, RAW fruits, RAW nuts, RAW seeds. Oy Vey, as my people would say.

I can have fish occasionally, but not with every meal. The goal of this detox plan/diet so far as I understand is to move toward completely natural ingredients in order to clean up your system…between alcohol, Smokey Valley Burgers with Onion Rings, peanut butter milkshakes, and just generally eating waaaay too much crap I really need that to kickstart my weight loss to get my BFA in to A WEDDING DRESS IN EIGHT MONTHS!

Would you like to see my menu for Monday-Wednesday? (The reason I don’t have the rest of the week planned yet is it involves a trip to the farmers market) I know you would:

Cup of hot lemon ginseng green tea with 1/2 tsp. honey
•Sliced up apple, banana, and handful of blueberries with 1 tsp. honey
•Handful of raw almonds
•2 tbsp Hummus
•Mixture of carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers (or des crudities as the French would say)
•1 sm. apple
•Salad with 1/4 raw avocado, tuna, mushrooms, peppers, onion (and whatever the heck I can find in the refrigerator to make a raw food salad)

Cup of hot lemon ginseng green tea with 1/2 tsp. honey
•Sliced up apple, banana, and handful of blueberries with 1 tsp. honey
•1 banana
•1/4 raw avocado
•4 oz salmon, cold (in a packet)
•handful of raw almonds
•Possible date night (If not another delicious hearty raw salad!)

Orange/grapefruit slices
•1 small apple
•Assorted vegetable slices
•Grilled tilapia sliced over hearty salad.

Doesn’t that sound exciting? I’ll get more variety once I really figure out what I’m doing and start adding more food and figuring out more food that I can eat. I’m pretty excited about this diet (and any diet that lets me eat copious amounts of hummus).

Wish me luck, I’m off to be on a diet and sell advertising. This might not work out very well, especially if I have to go to a restaurant I find delicious…


One response to “Liz Does…WHAT!?!?!

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay raw food! My mom was doing really well on it for a few weeks, and it was really helping her diabetes and her fibro, but then I had to go and screw it up for her, cuz she had to come and get me… Did you set a date for the wedding? If you need any help, lemme know, I love being creative!love you and miss you!

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