Ladies and Gentlemen, a rant.

I hate hate hate hate hate (do you get it by now…) my headache medicine.

Zomig 5mg should be sold on the street because every time I take it I get high as a kite and can’t function in the real world. I can barely walk a straight line and can’t touch my finger to my nose or do anything coherently.

I can’t sell advertising, I can’t type emails. I’m barely writing this blog right now because I lack the ability to function. coherently. in the real world. with the rest of the adults.

While on my headache meds I’ve caught myself: telling my boss, the venerable Dan, that I have the swine flu, cussing my co-worker (which I do while not on my headache medicine–oh, favoriteco-worker I miss you so), telling my mother about my personal life (my personal personal life),

my dad is on the same medicine, and we are intolerable together when we both have headaches.

So, last night I fell asleep watching the Steelers game and woke up at 4:00 AM with a splitting migraine. (Cold Stone Creamery and Five Guys Burgers and Fries should market themselves as migraine triggers, especially when the two are mixed) I rushed to my purse (as much as anyone rushes at 4:00 AM and grabbed my headache medicine, washed it down with a glass of water, and grabbed my headache bag (a bag of ice). I fell asleep and woke up at 8:00 AM.

But wait Liz! You go to work at 8.
That, ladies and gentlemen is the type of day I’m having.

I feel like I’m hungover, and I know a thing or two about being hungover.

I need to sell, I need to work, I need to function in the real world.

Here’s to drinking lots of water and flushing this doggone medicine out of me.


2 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, a rant.

  1. LIZ RICE! YOU WERE IN HUNTINGTON AND I WAS NOT AWARE?…oh, there shall be pain.Love,K

  2. I've never had 5 guys… mayhaps I should try it… I totally feel your pain on the medicine head…except I'm not medicine heady, I'm just pregnancy brain. Which is so wonderfully fun. I'm sorry you feel so bad, and I pray you feel better!

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